Hacker steals $22 million worth of Bitcoin via fake Electrum updates.

 12. Oktober 2020      

Attention bitcoiners! Criminals already managed to get hold of $22 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) by means of a cunning trick. There are fake updates for the popular bitcoin wallet Electrum in circulation.

If you are a user of an old version of Electrum and download that update, there is a good chance that your money will be stolen. ZDNet reports this.

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Malicious software
The fake updates are displayed Profit Revolution review as pop-ups to various victims. In this way hackers try to convince users to install the new software.

If you get your hands on the software, it can go fast. According to several victims, their bitcoin was sent immediately. A bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed.

Do you get a pop-up or other message about updating your bitcoin wallet? If so, please check where the message came from. Always download the updates from the official website.

This applies to everything, but especially to your bitcoin wallet.

Stolen money
ZDNet has a list of different bitcoin addresses to which criminals send their stolen money. They have been doing so since 2019 and the most recent victims are from September 2020.

Users of newer versions of Electrum can breathe a sigh of relief: the developers have now blocked these specific attacks. But the attack still works with older versions of the app.

Fake messages
Criminals try to get to your money in all sorts of ways. Think for example of text messages from people who want to steal your bank details.

You think: I am paying attention and that can’t happen to me. And that’s usually the case, because despite the large numbers, there is always only a select group of victims in this type of action.

A sad example from practice is a story from the Netherlands: Neppe Bitcoin (BTC) website costs Dutch people over 34,000 euros. Via Google, Wies Leenders found a fake website, installed a plug-in and then lost tens of thousands of euros.

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