Passive income in Bitcoin, damn boosted savings: YouHodler gives you his secret!

 7. Oktober 2020      

In times of uncertainty, there’s nothing like a solution to generate passive income. Beyond simple loans and loans, the constant innovation that takes place within cryptocurrencies allows individuals to see new options in order to grow their savings. Corona Millionaire is introducing 2 new features today: TurboCharge and MultiHODL, in order to save you money differently.

A company you can trust

YouHodler is a predominant member of the „Crypto Valley“ , an association that brings together many blockchain projects . With 2 offices in Switzerland and Cyprus , the company complies with European Union rules on financial services.

The main objective of the platform is to offer passive income , by generating interest on cryptocurrency capital. Users benefit from a certain flexibility . The minimum deposit is, for example, set at only $ 100 and several short contracts are offered (example: 30 days). Finally, it is possible to withdraw your money at no additional cost and without hidden conditions .

Initially, only lending and borrowing solutions were offered. Over the years, the company has distinguished itself by offering various increasingly innovative investment strategies .

Optimization of income possible

TurboCharge is a tool that allows you to increase your capital in cryptocurrencies, through „cascade“ loans . The amount deposited by the user will automatically be used to buy more cryptos (at no additional cost). These cryptos will serve as collateral for a future loan, and so on. Note that the interest rate assigned to each loan decreases over the stages.

2 parameters are defined by the user: the initial capital and the number of loans he wishes to use. YouHodler will automatically generate a simulation, detailing an estimate of the surplus generated as well as information relating to each loan. Note that the platform also takes care of risk management. For example, if the value of the cryptocurrency collapses and hits a floor price, YouHodler will close your loans to avoid a risk of loss.

In conclusion, this option allows you to multiply your cryptocurrency capital using a series of cascading loans, managed by YouHodler.

MultiHODL is an innovative and flexible savings tool, which adapts to your level of risk tolerance. To simplify, this strategy is made up of 2 options, which will be called “static savings” and “dynamic savings” . The first category allows you to generate a “fixed” return of 12% per year (on stablecoins ). The second so-called “dynamic” category allows funds to be allocated to riskier assets.

For example, you can bet on the rise on the bitcoin and generate a performance major . MultiHODL also incorporates risk management options . First, you can define the portion of your portfolio that will go into each strategy (example: 10% dynamic and 90% static). Regarding the „dynamic“ option , you can set the level of risk (low, medium, high), which will have the effect of closing your position if the losses reach a certain level.